Lopez Building, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

MERALCO Contact Numbers:

16211 (Hotline), +632 1622-8989, +632 632-8989

MERALCO Website Contact Page:

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  1. nenita navelga says:

    COMPLAINT – MOST URGENT Ref No. 1219-003865 My wife & my 10 month old son have been without electricity since 19 Oct 2016. The above report number refers. She has called numerous times since 19 Oct 2016 & was informed that a technician will be sent but no one has showed up yet. I am appalled at the level of service and would like to engage a lawyer if electricity is not restored by today 22 Oct 2016. DO YOU KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY FOR 2 LONG DAYS ? Would you people like me to lay out the RED CARPET for your technician? My wife & 10 month old son have suffered much these last 2 days. I demand some form of compensation for your incompetent (an understatement) service. Please resolve it by today 22 Oct 2016. If President Duterte should learn about this, many in Meralco will have to look for NEW jobs.

    Henry (husband of Nenita)

  2. Jocelyn Castillo says:

    can i have your cellphone number MERALCO manila,,, this is jocelyn castillo from zamboanga city

  3. Jocelyn Castillo says:

    Good morning,,, i follow up ko lang po yung complaint ko,, regarding po dun sa bills na pumasok sa meralco instead of ZAMCELCO,,, Yung name po ay HONORIO YBERA, pasonanca and ALMA B. YBERA, Pasonanca,,, zamboanga city

  4. carina a. adaya says:

    Yong meralco ng kapitbahay ko under the name of Emelie Mapacpac located at B12 L17 Sta Ana Ext. Purok 1-A Lower Bicutan Taguig, ay dumaan mismo sa bubong ko na super baba ng kabit konti na lang dikit na sa yero. Inereklamo ko na po eto sa Meralco 3 weeks ago until now wala pa rin sila ginagawa. And sabi daw ng taga Meralco na nagkabit saka na lang nila ayusin if mag pataas na ako ng house which is mali po yata yon. Bakit po kelangang magkabit ng taga meralco na alam naman nila na mali yon. Nagkabit pa sila na wala man lang paalam sa akin na dadaan sila don sa tapat ng bubong ko. Paki gawan po ng immediate action kc delekado po eto baka matalupan yong wire at dumikit na sa yero namin. Tumatawag po ako sa number ng meralco tuktukan taguig pero kahit isa po wala sumasagot nag ring lang sya.

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