761 EDSA, Kamuning, Quezon City

Meralco Contact Number(s):

+632 924-0830, +632 924-0930, +632 924-1062, +632 924-1071,
+632 924-1080,


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  1. Jsn Villaroza says:

    report ko lng light out ung poste..location kamuning park ave. qc

  2. akocruz321 says:

    Na kuryente ka na. I have been practising energy saving all my life because I dislike meralco for their arrogance and cheating. Many of my appliance have to be discarded because of their erratic voltages and 1 sec on-off-on-off power outages and surges. There are instances voltages can be as low as 150V and spike as high as 247 volts. Meralco will never pay for damages or repairs to your equipment. My STAVOL and my fax machine destroyed 15 years ago. Even power on delay gadgets too.

  3. triumvirate development corp - celia bonifacio/carlos j ching says:

    This is regarding our account under your branch. Our ACCT no 014774816-8 please give details of our DEposit per OR 0001396036 amounting to P 718,520.00.

  4. testing2 says:

    hi. no one is answeing any of the numbers given above