MWSS Administration Building, 489 Katipunan Road, Balara, Quezon City

Manila Water Contact Numbers:

1627 (Hotline); +632 917-5900 or +632 981-8100 (Trunklines)

Manila Water Website Contact Page:

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  1. merlyn ferrer says:

    always ask for follow up for application, but until now no respond coming from Richard i forgot the last name. from c6 taguig city

  2. virginia g. madrona says:

    please check the busted pipe located at General santos avenue near the wall of dost
    its a big pipe. theres a contractor digging a canal probably it got hit by the backhoe.
    help please sayang ang tubig (fronting the camp bagong diwa here in bicutan taguig

  3. Brendo says:

    No one’s answering your customer service line and 1627 could not be contacted.

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