Land Transportation Office (LTO)
Aguila Road, City of San Fernando (La Union)

LTO Contact Number(s):

+6372 607-0635

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  1. Lester F. Manlapas says:

    LTO La Union

    AWB476 (Dagupan) at front of Calumbaya Elementary School – Unprofessional Driver at exactly 9:41

    I would just like to report this incident because I was just in to mere death. When I go down to the bus before I step on the ground he is continuously driving and the driver don’t mind if I’m going to landed on the ground safely I was just like running for my life for that very moment I’m shocked. I hope this kind of driver will punish by the law accordingly. This is my first time reporting for many incidents that I’ve been encounter with Dagupan Buses and it’s just like they’re taking it for granted. I’m reporting this because I don’t want other people hurt I don’t want them to experience what was done to me. I’m just lucky for today but if this will continue what will happen now if the passenger is an old woman, a pregnant or maybe a disabled one. Please consider this case diminish the unprofessional drivers that is taking for granted their license and don’t embody the laws of it. “Drivers should stood up with regards to their licenses it’s not just a display it should be used accordingly. Thank you!

  2. Leopoldo Sualog, III says:

    Sir / Madam,

    May I inquire if I can apply for a Philippine driver’s license presenting my license in abroad? If yes, what are the requirements and how long is the processing? I will be coming home for a 3 weeks vacation this December 2018.


  3. Ernesto Bustillos says:

    I’ve just obtained my vehicle license (non-professional) for 2 months now and I’m wondering if how can I get a stamp or add a license to operate a motorcycle?
    Thank you

  4. Rosemarie Corpuz says:

    Ask ko Po anu pong requirements if kukuha po ako ng non-pro na student i.d.?