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  1. ROCAN B. PANGAN says:


    Good Day!

    Jalajala National High School located at Jalajala, Rizal will conduct an educational field trip on November 28, 2015 with 200 students and 36 teachers.

    With regards to this, we would like to ask permission to visit the Lopez MMuseum on the said date from 10:00 – 11 AM.

    We are looking forward for your positive response regarding this matter.

    Thank you very much and MABUHAY!!!

    Very truly yours,

    TLE Coordinator/In-Charge of the Event
    Contact no. 09278691061

  2. Michael Vincent P. Caceres, M. Hist. says:

    Dear Lopez Museum:

    I am currently doing a research about a philanthropist from Zamboanga. Please inform me how and how much will it cost me for the following pictures;

    a. Marikina City circa 1909
    b. Rizal High School mid 1920s
    c. UP Manila late 1927
    d. San Ramon Penal Farm by early 1940s

    Thank you.

    Michael Vincent P. Caceres, M. Hist.
    Visiting Curator
    Museo dela Universidad de Zamboanga
    Zamboanga City

  3. Chester Ocampo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam;

    I am an art teacher and writer working on a text book of Philippine Modern Arts and Culture as part of the DEC’s K-12 movement. My book shall be covering visual arts, sculpture, architecture, music, heritage festivals, theatre, music, etc..

    I am aware that you have a progressive gallery and library on modern art to which I need access. I am also in need of photos and videos that you might be able to supply.

    Getting in touch with me ASAP will be highly appreciated. My contact number is 09175943726, and my email is checoco22@yahoo.com

    Yours truly,

    Chester Ocampo