G-21 Valero Plaza, 124 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati

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+632 813-5636, +632 816-4303, +632 817-8223

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  1. Jean Oredina says:

    Hi! this is jean oredina of CLAREGON. i have been calling you landlines but unfortunately, i cant contact you anymore… mag papa repair po kami sana ng fax machine. would you pls. call us at (02) 846-3178. Thank you

  2. John Rey Sese says:

    Hi Good day I am John Rey Sese of PHILCOPY CORPORATION Exclusive DIRECT Distributor of Multi- Functional COPIER , PRINTER, SCANNER Other office Equipment For Office and Site used,
    We already have 39 Branches and Service Centers operating nationwide.

    We are willing to send Quotation and Company profile, or we can visit your site for Demo of Machines,

    Please CALL me for interest ,Questions,Further discussion and Faster transactions,

    John Rey Sese
    Account Executive

    Thank you

  3. mitch olaer says:

    Inquiry on lamp bulb of Infocus projector. Do you do maintenance & repair?