21/F Tower One & Exchange Plaza, Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue,, Makati City

Internationale Nederlanden Contact Numbers:

+632 479-8888, +632 479-8881, +632 840-8888, +632 840-8881,
+632 891-9767 (Fax), +632 815-1116 (Fax), +632 891-9835 (Fax)


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  1. Me says:

    “We are very happy with how the Cebu market has responded to our projects,” said Jennylle Tupaz, head of project development for Alveo Land. ” introduced a living concept that brings together the inherent charm of the Cebuano way of life with Ayala Land’s unparalleled quality of developments. Given the overwhelming market response, we are continually inspired to create more landmark developments here in Cebu.”

  2. SEMON says:

    BPI Cebu Corporate Center “BCCC”

  3. web page says:

    Alveo Land Takes professional Environments to the next level. Presenting the landmark BPI Cebu Corporate Center a premier office condominium development never before seen in the Visayas or in Mindanao, master planned to offer distinct work space available for ownership. The First Office for sale in Cebu Business Park, Philippines by Alveo Land Corp and its Intuitively designed for top corporations, entrepreneurs, and firms, this iconic tower elevates you to the southern Philippines’ number one business address.