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  1. Rey says:

    Goodafternoon, anong requirements for small scale insurance company?thanks

  2. Janette Tulagan says:

    I dont know if you can read our messages. But I hope that you can help us with Loyola Consolidated Plan. Many clients have not yet receive our claims. Can you do something about it? Thank u

  3. joe malong says:

    I am an educational planholder with legacy consolidated plans inc. ask lo lang po when is the payment coming. sobrang tagal ng panahon ang aking paghihintay. Many thanks

  4. JullieAnn says:

    Good day!

    Hi Ma’am/Sir, I would like to ask the incharge for the SPECIAL IC EXAM in CEBU with AXA Philippines.
    According to my recruit she already pass the traditional exam under AXA, She is now applying with us(SUN LIFE) but before we proceed her application we need to submit the result for her to enroll in VUL exam.
    Hoping for your very kind consideration regarding this matter.

    Thank you and God bless