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  1. joseph cruz says:


    Subject 1. Proposed 2017 Tax Reform Plan of Finance Dept. is Anti poor, mircro-SME, OFW, senior citizens and disregarded the BMBE LAW(attached herewith).
    We, the Micro, Small & Medium entrepreneurs sectors request for your kind attention to our concern about the Finance Dept. PROPOSED TAX REFORM PLAN which we feel it’s very disadvantageous to the poor families entrepeneurs as one of the Tax versions IMPOSES 8% Tax to MICRO & SME GROSS SALES

    Please help us delete from the propsed bill “the inserted 8% tax” on gross sales of poor & small entrepreneurs as they are already covered under the existing BMBE LAW. Only certain provisions on BMBE LAW have to be amended to suit SME concerns so that the true meaning of an “inclusive growth economy” would truly be benefited by micro, small & medium entrepreneurs.

    As you are aware, the Micro, Small, & Medium enterpreneurs represent the more than 50% of the country’s household or populace mostly poor Senior citizens, OFW relatives, former OFW, retired employees, vendors, fishermen, & farmers alike.
    These families who are engaged in small business actually employ their own relatives and neighbors within their community. They are the major factor that could BOOST our ECONOMY TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL INCLUSIVELY AND NOT EXCLUSIVELY WHERE only GIANT CORPORATIONS get richer & richer.

    As per our experience, the net income of this micro & SME is only enough to keep their family & employees survive on a daily basis. On the average, the equivalent daily wage of the owner & each employee ranges only from p200 to p600.

    Therefore no more room for their business improvement which is necessary for our economic growth.

    In order to benefit the so called ” inclusive growth”, the govt should help them thru incentives like income tax & vat exemption. The truth is, with the SME small capital (less than p5m working capital only) cannot actually afford these tax burden because of low income(small capital means small profit).

    It seems that the lower house did not consider the existing BMBE law.

    Please help us NOT to disregard the BMBE law (R.A. 9178) which is pro micro & small business entrepeneurs who belong to the poor families mostly OFW relatives, former OFW, retired employees, vendors, fishermen, & farmers alike.

    This law already exempts small enterpreneurs from income taxes. However, in order for them to benefit the said “inclusive growth”, it is highly recommended that they should also be VAT exempted regardless of sales since their net income only ranges from 2% to 3% of the gross sales after deducting all operating expenses. Therefore, if the sale per day is p20,000, the net income is only P200 to P600 which is equivalent to the minimum wage earner who are tax exempt.

    This is the main reason why our country’s economy does not grow that much because we do not have programs to improve the 50% populace income.

    The existing BMBE law(R.A.69178) may be amended to suit SME concerns. This Bmbe law already exempts micro income tax but silent about the vat exemption and business permits fees exemption. The micro & SME capital threshold maybe amended from p3m to p15m because of continuing inflation.

    Helping Micro & SME will tremendously improve the country’s economy in 5 years time. OFW will invest more if such govt incentives will be implemented in due time.

    One the Tax Reform provisions, if not deleted, is Not Pro Poor as it imposes 8% tax of the gross sales of micro & SME sectors whose owners are actually the 50% OF THE COUNTRY’S POOR FAMILIES.

    How could we impose 8% tax to these poor working family business when the net income after deducting all operating expenses is only 2% to 3% of their gross sales. This 8% tax burden is unrealistic. Hence, micro & SME sectors cannot possibly comply with it and are always proned to harassment by corrupt bir agents.

    This is the main reason why small businesses more often end up to closure. The net income of P200 to P600 a day will only suffice the personal needs of the small business owner. NO MORE ALLOWANCE FOR THE BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT.

    Adding this 8% tax on top of the commodity price is anti poor as it is an added burden to our poor fellowmen/customers(70% of the population).

    Hoping for your kind consideration to this very important matter.

    Concerned Citizens/Netizens/OFW/Senior Citizens


    Subject(2) Suggestions to our Legislators and economic Think Tank for Possible Govt source of Revenue to augment the govt. funding for infrastructure projects & services as follows:

    1. All profitable infrastructure projects must be done by GOCC(Govt owned corp. And companies) and NOT thru PPP which contracts are evidently costly & disadvantageous to the govt. SAVINGS can surely be generated if GOCC will do the projects administratively.

    2. All natural resources like mining projects and Energy based and profitable companies must be owned by the GOCC by regions. 80% of net profit must go to Govt Revenue and the 20% profit must be allocated to energy and mining exploration and to its production cost. Our country is far richer in natural resources than middle east countries whose lands are mostly deserts and no cultivated soils. We have also abundant Oil & Energy source and minerals. CITIZENS of oil rich countries are in fact tax free and receive monthly subsidy from the govt. Philippines can also do this if corruption is totally eliminated.

    3. DPWH projects above p50million must be administratively done. And it must not be bidded out to contractors wherein rigged bidding system is always possible. Projects savings can be diverted to more employment nationwide which again favors our economy.

    4. Expand real estate tax base by expanding industrial & commercial areas around the country.

    Above items can be the main Govt. revenue source.

    Then continue creating more INDUSTRIAL EXPORT PROCESSING ZONE in every province to create more jobs.

  2. joseph cruz says:

    Hello po…pwede po pakitanong kay sec Piñol ang mga ss:

    1. Obligado po ba lahat ng farmers na maging member ng itinayong Irrigation association na binuo ng NIA dito sa amin province (isabela province)?

    2. Obligado daw po ang farmer na magbayad ng p300 to p500 per hectare na sinasaka bawat harvest.  At ito raw po ang gagamitin sa maintenance ng irrigation canal. BILLIONS PESO ITO PER CROPPING ANG COLLECTIONS.

    3. Samakatuwid ito na ang kapalit ng irrigation fee na sinasabing libre ng ating mahal na pangulo.  Pinalitan pala lang ng pangalan.

    4. Paano po kaya ang auditing nito.  Malamang mas lalong magkakaroon ito ng anomalya sa paggastos.

    Nagtatanong lang po.  salamat po ng Marami

  3. joseph cruz says:

    Hello po..