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GMA-7 Building, Diliman, Quezon City

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+632 924-3018, +632 924-3032, +632 928-7021, +632 931-9475

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13 Responses to DZBB – 594 KHZ

  1. Richmond says:

    To all the reporters, we understand that you want to cover the news happening in the country esp the crisis in Mindanao. However, divulging information on the efforts of our military and police will only jeopardize their operations. As a Mindanaoan, we are confident that our military can win this fight therefore we trust them that whatever they do is for the good of all and we are willing to cooperate. We Trust them that we dont need to know their every move. We hope you could do the same.

  2. Danny says:

    papa interview ako kay mike o kaya kay arnold at ali…..ako si danny villanueva yung walang tao…eto…harvard and NASA said….the closer you are to the sun the hotter it is..the world believes this but not me..i believe the hottest part of the sun is in the tip of it….it behaves like a candle..the solar wind that travels 500km/sec…and passes this planet proves it..its like a candle…eto pa para maniwala kayo ako to…mathematics and science…do you know that rattle snakes can bit you two hours after the heartbeat is wrong mathematics suggest that it is still alive…science without math is nothing….may artista nung araw mga mata ni angelita…nag collaspe sya pero walang makitang sakit sa kanya….ang ginawa kinuryente sya…natuluyan….cocaine gagana ulit ang isip nya ng maayos kokonekta sa katawan ayos na….mali ayon sa math yung pag kuryente…ginagawa nyung radyo..thank you so much…

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