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  1. Kay Molina says:

    Unfortunately we had a nightmare with cd worx! imagine more than 3years ng kasal ang sis ko at bro-in-law pero until now the complete video coverage was still not provided to us, what’s worst was that the file got CORRUPTED! At first nakikipag coordinate pa si Bernard samen pero lately hindi na, though almost everyday sya tinetext and tinatawagan for updates. Yes, they might be cheaper than the others but CD worx is DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT! the saddest part of it was our dad died two years ago without seeing the full video of his daughter’s wedding. They supposed to capture that very special moment that we can treasure for the rest of our lives but they failed us BIGTIME! I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND CD WORX! They are very unprofessional and it seems that hindi nila alam yung value ng work nila. And honestly, their shots are not impressive. All I can do right now is to warn you guys so that hindi nyo maexperience yung pagiging unprofessional and irresponsible nila.

    • Budz says:

      sayang ngayon ko lang nabasa ito. Grabe na fifeel ko na nga eh . from start up to now puro gulo and problema. Di ko sila makontak to check our photos and video pero complete payment na kami.

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