Old MIA Road, Pasay City

CAB Contact Numbers:

Trunklines: +632 853-7259, +632 854-5996
CAB Hotlines: +632 542-5234, +63 906-329-1610

CAB Website Contact Page:

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  1. Dr. Warren Gabrillo says:

    We, the passengers of PAL flight PR102 on February 8, 2017 are filing a formal complaint on how the PAL handled our trip to LAX.
    Our flight was delayed for 5 hrs. before they announced that our flight was cancelled to be rescheduled the following day, February 9th at 3pm then this time the announced its delayed to 5pm.
    We are requesting further investigation of this situation.
    Thank you for your consideration.


    Dr. Warren Gabrillo(passenger)

    • Anonimous says:

      We are the passengers of flight SJ 113 bound to manila from hongkong tonight june 2 2018 complaining and pls do something about this.our original departure sched was 7:35 pm and moved to 21:40 now moved again to 4am the following day?

      Frustrated passenger