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  1. christian says:

    hello good afternoon where can I get soil investigation report in boracay area 30m-50m below?

  2. mark bernales says:

    can i buy a set of soil test kit? please kindly email to me how much and how to buy? please , markbernales_1802@yahoo.com

  3. Hello, does BSWM have facilities that can burn rice bran using 1,700 degrees celsius? Thanks

  4. ian says:

    how we can obtain soil from bswm ? we need vertisols(type of soil) for thesis purposes thanks for the answer .

  5. Madonna Daquigan says:

    Hello good evening sir/ma’am, i’d like to ask if you are conducting soil analysis because we need to test the elements present in the soil we use in our thesis experiment. And how much the analysis cost?thank you

    • Priscila says:

      I come across this inquiry and share you my knowledge. You can do your analysis by colorimetric method. You can digest your sample and analysis can be done in the Atomic Absorption which will give the contents in parts per million.. pH of the soil can be done with a litmus paper range from 1-14 and the litmus paper is not like the ordinary one used in the lab in school.soil can also be analyzed using FTIR this infrared method had some standards . You can avail to this method if the Bureau of Soils has one I believe.
      Go luck in your Thesis writing.