South Harbor, Gate 3, Port Area, Manila

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+632 527-4537, +632 527-4573 (Fax)

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6 Responses to BUREAU OF CUSTOMS (BOC)

  1. larrysa villasaran francisco says:

    hi po ako po c larrysa francisco may nagpadala po nang package sa akin galing japan from KEVIN HORTON ito po ung tracking NUMBER 4032142089094 baka na csam na po ako kc na hold daw nang custom at may pinalty na 25,000.00

  2. Kris says:

    Nagpadala po kami nagpackage para sa pamilya ko dyan sa Mandaue po. Last check namin sa aming package saying April 19, 2016 , 5:39 pm Customs clearance processing complete PHILIPPINES namo po….Pero hangang ngayon wala parin natangap ng pamilya ko ang package namin….Please paki check po kong saan na po yong package namin we would really appreciate po kaming dalawa ng asaw ko. Here’s tracking #: CW925104363US.

    GOD bless,
    Vanessa R. McGill

  3. lydia says:

    maam/sir pwede po ba ask ko sa inyo,,kung meron po ba kayong natanggap na package april4 galing london from Gary Smith to Lydia Luceno,,i need help lang po kasi ako bka na scam po kame,,ito yong traking # lydia_15923015,,please po,i beg.thanks God bless i need your reply,asap

  4. Lorraine Rocero says:

    hi po may ems po ang kapatid ko galing sitka Alaska U.S.A. april 26 pa po naipadala nung itack po ng kapatid ko last may 9 pa po nasa customs and under clearance bakit po hanggang ngaun di pa nairerelease…ito po un g tracking no. CW812631068US pls. po pkirealese if needed thank u

  5. maria baltazar says:

    hi po may ems po pra sa daughter ko galing india, ng itrack namin nsa customs na last week pa ng monday, wala kmi narereceive na letter bakit di pa marelease yong package,ito yong number

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