Diliman Corporate Center
Bayan Building, Malingap corner Maginhawa Streets
Teacher’s Village, East Quezon City

Roosevelt Corporate Center
Bayan Building, 234 Roosevelt Avenue
San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City

Bayantel Contact Numbers:

+632 412-1212, 171 (from any bayan phone), +632 411-2000 or +632 730-1000 (Bayan DSL)
+632 449-9999 (Business Products & Services)

Bayantel is now a subsidiary of Globe Telecom. For your concerns, dial 211 from any Globe Phone.

Bayan Phone Inquiry Contact Numbers:

+632 449-1000 (NCR), +6352 480-9999 (Albay), +6354 473-2000 (Cam Sur)
+6353 327-2000 (Eastern Visayas), +6333 301-2000 (Iloilo)
+6385 342-2000 (Butuan), +6382 305-8080 (Davao), +6383 302-7253 (Gensan)

Bayan Website Contact Page:

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  1. Kindly Please check this number (456-3367) it has no dial tone for 4 days now. Kindly please fix it asap. Acct. #700397311.

  2. Bernadine. F. Harn says:

    Please check our internet connection account number 710788317. We also dont have outgoing calls tel no. 4546860.

  3. Mario says:

    I have no telephone connection for 12 days now (454-8137) and no internet connection for 3 days Acct. # 202063214.

    The problem has been reported to customer service but nothing fix, please do something its pay time again and no discount from the loss of service.

  4. Cathy says:

    Please check this number 493-31-39 it has no dial tone for more than 10 days. kindly fix it asap.

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