Diliman Corporate Center
Bayan Building, Malingap corner Maginhawa Streets
Teacher’s Village, East Quezon City

Roosevelt Corporate Center
Bayan Building, 234 Roosevelt Avenue
San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City

Bayantel Contact Numbers:

+632 412-1212, 171 (from any bayan phone), +632 411-2000 (Bayan DSL)
+632 449-9999 (Business Products & Services)

Bayan Phone Inquiry Contact Numbers:

+632 449-1000 (NCR), +6352 480-9999 (Albay), +6354 473-2000 (Cam Sur)
+6353 327-2000 (Eastern Visayas), +6333 301-2000 (Iloilo)
+6385 342-2000 (Butuan), +6382 305-8080 (Davao), +6383 302-7253 (Gensan)

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  1. Ged Joaquin says:


    We are very disappointed in your service. The following happened in the process of applying for a service and experiencing the service..

    1. We applied for a bayandsl and landline last Oct, 11, 2014 in your service center in Ever Commonwealth. The service was installed October 20, 2014 and we were told to wait 2-3 working days installation. Well, it took only 9 days to install a simple phone and dsl service.
    2. Then installation was complete but it has to be activated in 24 hours as the technician told us, unfortunately again, we waited 2-3 days for the activation.
    3. There were times when the dsl went out, the dsl light in the modem is red which means no internet connection.
    4.A technician went to our home yesterday December 11, 2014 to check on our lines if everything was installed properly. After 45 days, is that the only time you can check if everything was installed correctly and properly?
    5. We haven’t receive any billing statement for our account, it should be delivered after a month, right? So, 52. days have passed still no billing, until we can’t use our landline because there was no outgoing calls.
    I called the 412-1212 hotline and was able to spoke to your represenattive Bevelyn Calica. She informed me, that our outgoing call was disconnected due to non-payment. I told her that there was no billing many, many times and she kept saying it was systems generated that the phone line will be disconnected. I don’t see the point here, no billing statement the line would be cut off? Is that good customer service? And nobody from your billing and collections department bothered to call us to inform us. I also lasked for a supervisor whom I can talked to about the situation, again, no supervisor at this hour? Still early to not have a supervisor on duty and late to take lunch. I can’t also accept answers that all Supervisors are taking calls right now
    We are truly dismayed with your bad customer service. What can appease us is that get our service back as soon as possible, send the biling statement as soon as possible and do not charge us with any penalties and service charges, why? Again, it’s not our fault not to get a billing statement on time.
    We want an immediate action on this matter.

    Thank you.

  2. monica casica says:

    hindi ko po mawari kung bakit napakabagal ng internet connection,kung hindi man mabagal,madalas namang nawawala,nung una okay pa,ngayon asar na,,,hinahayaan ko lang po noong una,pero ngayon sobra na!3 mbps pero parang 0.1 mbps lang..nakakaasar!kaya ako lumipat sa inyo kasi nga po ang ganda ng offer niyo.

  3. ulysses samson says:

    Magandang araw po inyo, 2 months ko na po hinahanap billing statements ko,tumawag ako 4121212 first week october p hanggang ngayon wala p rin skin billing statements ko,dati sept 2014 lng hanap ko ngyn sept at oct n at madadagdagan p isa,pinasesend ko nlng thru email ko una friday at sabi 24 to 48 hrs,tumawag ulit ako nung lunes ganun ulit,tumawag ako wednesday at kahapon wala prin hanggang ngayon puro pamonitor email ad ko wla hanggang ngayon ano kaya ginagawa sa mga upuan nyo,napakaraming beses ko n tumawag s 4121212 puro ganito sinabi skin pamonitor email ad ko hanggang ngayon wala,kailangan ko un!!!

    • ulysses samson says:

      Ang linaw-linaw ng address ng billing ko s application form ko, tapos inihulog daw courier nyo s mailbox,wala ako mailbox sa harapan o pintuan ng unit ko!!!

  4. John Achilles Denna says:

    Our DSL (internet connection) lost every morning… Are you redirecting bandwidth to other customer since most of the time we are not home in the morning? Kindly fix this issue… Speedtest doesn’t show 1MBps data rate


  5. John Achilles Denna says:

    Our DSL (internet connection) lost every morning… Are you redirecting bandwidth to other customer since most of the time we are not home in the morning? Kindly fix this issue….


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