Diliman Corporate Center
Bayan Building, Malingap corner Maginhawa Streets
Teacher’s Village, East Quezon City

Roosevelt Corporate Center
Bayan Building, 234 Roosevelt Avenue
San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City

Bayantel Contact Numbers:

+632 412-1212, 171 (from any bayan phone), +632 411-2000 (Bayan DSL)
+632 449-9999 (Business Products & Services)

Bayan Phone Inquiry Contact Numbers:

+632 449-1000 (NCR), +6352 480-9999 (Albay), +6354 473-2000 (Cam Sur)
+6353 327-2000 (Eastern Visayas), +6333 301-2000 (Iloilo)
+6385 342-2000 (Butuan), +6382 305-8080 (Davao), +6383 302-7253 (Gensan)

Bayan Website Contact Page:


  1. Emilie says:

    This is very frustrating. I have contacting your CS hotline since Monday and I even left my contact details so you can get back to me (as per CS recording 2 hours) but have not received any feedback.

    More than a year of not receiving your Billing statements, which numerous times I have reported. And now I have to deal with this same issue again?

    Your service is not improving. How come you have those customer service hotlines and yet no one is answering?

  2. Rief Sabijon Pura says:

    Grabe hirap tumawag s inyo 25mins laging waiting pro wla png 25mins putol n tawag mu.. Sorry to tell pangit ng service neo.. How come ginagawa neo lhat pra gumaganda service neo ehh palala ng palala ehh..???

  3. kiko says:

    hi po magandang umaga bakit ang hirap komontak sa bayantel hotline. Makontak naman sya ang tagal kami naka hang up…… sakit sa tenga

  4. nikky ramos says:

    Plan k p nmn mgplit ng nternet k..pldt ako bwisit n bwisit ako s line laging nnwla cgnal 5days 3days tpos kht ngbbyd k d lng nlaa update bgla k nlng putulan kht byd kna

  5. Lorna B. De Guzman says:

    Hi po. Inquire lang po ako kasi wala p po dumadating na bill smin pano po kmi mag babayad. And wala din pong dial tone globe po ung sumasagot.

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