Diliman Corporate Center
Bayan Building, Malingap corner Maginhawa Streets
Teacher’s Village, East Quezon City

Roosevelt Corporate Center
Bayan Building, 234 Roosevelt Avenue
San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City

Bayantel Contact Numbers:

+632 412-1212, 171 (from any bayan phone), +632 411-2000 or +632 730-1000 (Bayan DSL)
+632 449-9999 (Business Products & Services)

Bayantel is now a subsidiary of Globe Telecom. For your concerns, dial 211 from any Globe Phone.

Bayan Phone Inquiry Contact Numbers:

+632 449-1000 (NCR), +6352 480-9999 (Albay), +6354 473-2000 (Cam Sur)
+6353 327-2000 (Eastern Visayas), +6333 301-2000 (Iloilo)
+6385 342-2000 (Butuan), +6382 305-8080 (Davao), +6383 302-7253 (Gensan)

Bayan Website Contact Page:

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  1. Jean Piraux says:

    Bayantel. The internet connection you provide to all Bayantel customers is a real SCANDAL!!!!! My montly billing is 1500Peso for 1,5mbps. 90% of the time, I have, as well as other customers, very slow or NO connection. Actually, I only should pay you 10% or 150 peso per month for the time I have a little bit connection. Two weeks ago , I didn`t have internet connection for 2 days. Other friends I know and that also have Bayantel had the same problem. When I went to the office, the people showed me on their laptop that the internet lines were ok?????? And that the problem would be my line. After I had to do everything myself to have one of your lineman to check. The people gave me a jobmumber and told me that the lineman would contact me at my place. I never saw anybody!!! Even after the connection was there again the lineman didn`t come to my place to check if my connection was ok again. Woooooooooow, can you call this customerservice????? Also, I paid my bill from last month, as I do every month. But after I paid already I got a reminder from Bayantel to pay my bill???????? I feel committed to my obligations to Bayantel, so I also expect that Bayantel is providing me with the internet connection you offer me

  2. Leony says:

    bayantel..1 week ng walang internet sa lugar namin,sa daet camarines norte…pagdating ng singilan ang bibilis nyo,may penalty agad pag lumagpas lang ng kahit 1 day sa due date pero di nyo naman inaayos ang serbisyo nyo, imagine 1 week na,pagpasok ngaung week baleika 2 weeks na..pano na tayo nyan?

  3. rafael tating says:

    We are paying monthly due and then all of a sudden we don’t have a connection!!! It is very inconvenient!!!c I am working at home and needs a stable connection. If there’s any problem just let us know ahead of time so that we can so something about it! It’s a big loss in my part!!! you’re rebate is not enough for the losses and penalties I had!

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