Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

BAI Contact Numbers:

+632 928-2429 (Telefax)

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  1. alonzo petrona says:

    Good day,mam/sir,ask ko lang po saan po BAI dA dto sa Pangasinan?biyahe po namin ang pet dog going to davao.meron na po siyang medical certificate issued by her vet. doctor and schedule of vac,deworming ect…required crate for travel…please send me a reply…pls…maraming salamat po

  2. Michelle says:

    Ano po ba ang requirements para madala dto sa U.S . Ung aso ng anak ko papasabay ko sana sa kanya pag punta nya dto

  3. Rowena Reyes says:

    How do I obtain a Veterinary Quarantine Clearance to Import in advance for my pets arrival? I wanted to bring my dog from USA to Philippines. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. Ellen G. Silva says:

    Ilang heads po ba ang requiremenrt sa small scale and large scale

  5. lin2 says:

    Ano ano mga kailangan gawin pag ang aso ay travel for US?Salaamt

  6. Christine ronquillo says:

    Saan makikitA ang BAI dito sa davao

  7. jimmy says:

    May i know the landline no. and address of BAI Davao City Office? txt me 09154741148 thanks

  8. Reginald Quila says:

    where can I download veterinary drug order? tnx

  9. May i know whats the landline of BAI Cebu City office ??kindly text me at 09086296418