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6 Responses to ANC CHANNEL

  1. Cynthia Espiritu says:

    Please send to me the name & contact number of the speaker now who is talking about Filipino Sign Language for the Deaf. Thank you.

  2. Linda says:

    can your woman hostess DRESS more appropriately. Her boobs are already showing !

  3. robert gibson says:

    On the 2nd anniversary of the slaughter of the SAF 44 why is nobody (especialy Karen Davila) asking about bringing the MURDERERS to justice.??
    Forget Purisima et al…get the ones who fired the bullets !!!!

    • Bill says:

      First SAF 44 should have not been used or even been there unless used as a outer cordon – get the leaders!

      Next concerning getting the shooters – not the shooters who were defending their village from unknown intruders (remember no coordination with the town/village leaders) but the extremists shooters “yes” get them.

      Next, take care of the families – free housing without running water and electricity????? Disgrace and just “playing” taking care of them….really SAD!!!!!!!

      The leadership is just as guilty as they should take responsibility right or wrong … good or bad … make amends for that outcome.

      Stop all these investigations over B.S. you are tearing the country apart by making people take sides. Congress/Senate does not need to have all these investigations there is a lot more things they need to take care of!

      I got a idea …. look at a lot of the problems we have here in the Philippines. Now take those problems and think about if the people had a lot more discipline, respect for one another and patriotism for our country! It stems from the lowest level (parents) all the way through to the leadership of the country.

      President I fully support what you are trying to do oooops I am a American and it is good you do not care what others think as you are taking care of the people … which in the long run is all that really matters!!!!!!!

  4. Bill McCormick says:

    Good pm – I constantly hear about F. Marcos being a “hero” and the burial in the Hero’s Cemetery. My question is ” Is it because of his claim to being awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, and the Purple Heart from the USA?” If this is true then he should be never buried there as his statement is nothing more than a lie. First, he was never qualified to receive any of these medals because they all REQUIRE the individual to be a “member of the United States Armed Forces”; in which he never was. Next, is here is a website that shows everyone who was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross: you will notice that his name never appears in this site or the other sites listed. So, in conclusion unless he was deemed a “hero” by the Philippine government ALONE would qualify his burial there – NOT by his false claims to have been awarded the medals of the United States of America !!!!

  5. Wendy Magnaye says:

    Col Restituto Padilla is a 1 star General now (not Colonel). This refers to the ongoing interview this minute. He is being too courteous in not correcting the lady newscaster who keeps calling him Colonel during the interview on the Butig incident.