Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City

AFP Contact Number:

+632 911-6436 (Telefax)

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  1. Florencio Fernandez Guzman says:

    Good day sir, i just want to ask some questions if there a possibility for me to joint in AFP to continue the service of my late father he was retaired military, I didn’t Finnish my study I’m under graduate in high school and former OFW, thanks.

  2. Jerry Dela Victoria says:

    Dear Sirs, good day. I have an urgent concern to the head/in-charge of the NON-CURRENT RECORDS DIVISION of the office of the Adjutant General for my late father’s military service record. Can you please furnish me its email address?

  3. you want the real Princess Jacel of Muslim world of the Philippines her name is Prilita and she works as a caregiver for Vancouver Coastal Health she has clients here at ASC 111 Princess Ave Vancouver 1 778 325 3565